Telephone numbers are inexpensive

The wholesale value of a local telephone number is very small. It consists of a small monthly management fee to maintain the number and direct it (i.e. to your phone not your neighbor’s). This may come as a shock to many people since phone companies and many wireless phone companies charge $10 or more for an additional line.

The real expense with a phone number is the dedicated channel that corresponds with the phone number. However, the phone company does not give dedicated channels all of the time. If you have doubts about this, think about the last time you got the familiar “all circuits are busy” message. This occurs typically when calling from one carrier to another or from a cell network to a landline network but highlights the fact that there are not dedicated lines for everyone.
So, what are you really paying for? CallerID? Call Waiting? These have become standard features on any business phone system and do not cost anything additional to deliver. So, if you are not paying for the features or the dedicated channel, aren’t you just lining the telco’s pockets?

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