Why is it a good thing for the call center industry?

If you run a call center, any kind of call center, you need to support net neutraility.  Why?  It's simple though a bit wordy.

If you run a virtual call center, your agent performance may depend on the net neutraility laws being passed.  Most sip (Voice over IP default standard) traffic is passed on the UDP protocol.  This is the same protocol that Peer to Peer programs use to pass data all over the internet.  While the traffic and patterns are not exactly the same as Peer to Peer traffic, many ISP are considering or are already throttling UDP traffic to discourage file sharing and high bandwidth usage by file sharers.

If you run a brick and mortar call center but ever want to expand beyond your 4 walls, you want net neutraility as well.  You may also be affected since many order management systems are hosted externally.  Many phone systems for brick and mortar call centers are also hosted externally.  This means that you are at the whims of your ISP unless Net Neutrality is passed.

ISP's have also been targeting high bandwidth users and either throttle service or cutting service off altogether.  These same companies talk about amazingly fast internet speeds and unlimited usage plans, then target those who actually use the service as advertised.  For remote agents that generate a lot of call volume, this could be an issue because Voice over IP phone conversations can generate a lot of bandwidth usage.

What is Net Neutraility?  It is a misleading name but it stands for a set of proposed rules and laws that make it illegal for ISP's to give priviledged access to those willing to pay (more) for it, it will enforce anti-throttling laws and equal access to all content on the internet without ISP tampering and filtering.

Net Neutraility is coming to a head really soon.  I encourage you to look into the issue and educate yourself.  If you get caught in the crossfire of the ISP's and telco's you may have nowhere to turn.  Keep an eye on the Electronic Frontier Foundations blog on the subject at https://www.eff.org/issues/net-neutrality.  In the meantime, contact your elected representatives and let them know you support Net Neutraility for the health and future of your company.


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